Our Dogs In Memorium

This is a tough page for me. In 2015 I lost two very special dogs. Most of our membership has lost very special dogs at one time or another. But I know we have all lost dogs that were and remain very special to us. I can still remember when I realized that I would know so many dogs who have aged and passed and how much I love our  (to quote Tracey) “fossil dogs.” I don’t think there is anything more special to all of the Cliffhangers than the dogs we have lost.

Wendy Maclellan’s Kaizen (May 28 2003- Oct 26th 2016)



Raya (December 15th 1998 to August 9th 2013)

Raya 6th Place 2010 BCYR

Acer Spades (1997 – 2014)

Tracey would like to share a photo of Acer; the beginning!


The Banned Band (Jagger, Stevie Ray and Dog Dylan)!!!

I (Richard) would like to share a photo of three very, very special dogs now passed; whom all changed everything about my life!

Jagger, Stevie Ray and Dog Dylan!!!

Stevie Ray (2004 -2015)

IMG_20150905_092708 (Large)

 Richard & Stevie Ray 9249 (Large)

Her Agility Gallery

Dog Dylan (2001 – 2015)

IMG_20150328_075811 (Large)

Dog Dylan - Squamish 2005

Dog Dylan Remembered

Jagger (1997 – 2009)