Gord Barrett’s Dogs


Gord began trialing in agility over 10 years ago with Jasmine, a cavalier King Charles Spaniel, initially trialed by his son Will, who achieved her VATChC becoming the first Cavalier in Canada to do so. Piper, soon after, became the first Airedale in Canada to achieve her VATChC. Both Jasmine and Piper have since passed on. Gord has also trained Dagger, a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, to her ATChC level becoming the second Griffon in Canada to achieve that level. Dagger has been retired since the 2010 Nationals where she received a 7th place finish. Gord’s wife, Lynda, has trained and trialed another Cavalier to within 4 Gambler’s Q’s of his ATChC. Faolin, which means wolf in Irish, has been trialing for 2 years and came to Gord and Lynda as a rescue pup. Gord is in the early stages of training his young 2 year old WHP Griffon, Freya. Freya shows a lot of promise but won’t be trialing until 2013.





Jasmine (VATChC)


Piper, VATChC


2005 AAC BC/Yukon Regional Championships in Kamloops BC (photos by Richard Ford)

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