Club Members

Our Members:

Annette Caspar with Maisie

Bev Mattson with Doone

Cathie Morrison with Gin, Vixen and Crook

Cheryl Cooper with  Billy and Miss Kitty

Gillian Willis with Mick and Ranger

Gord Barrett with Freya

Joanie-Leigh Elliot and Remi LeBeau

JoDene Gee with Razz

Kathleen Dickie with Dallas

Kelly Moon with Sydney, Shelby and Fintan

Lisa Koncsik with Oscar and Lollipop

Marian McCormack with Kali, Blue and Della Rose

Maureen Dunster with Jiffy-Pop

Mike Dufton with Kelsey, Shayla and Vickey

Sherry Taylor and Surge, Curry and Tinnie

Chris Elias with Jack Sparrow

Wendy Maclellan and Lexi, Revel, Pan and Skai

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