Bev Mattson and Highrun Dog Sports

Highrun Dog Sports hosts the K9 Cliffhangers club practices. She also trains a number of Cliffhanger members.

13222 Sharpe Road
Pitt Meadows, BC

Wendy Maclellan and Cloud K9 Agility Ranch

Advanced and masters, private or semi private lessons.
Coaching to improve agility performance.
I specialize improving weave and gamble performance.
I coach to improve speed , motivation and your personal handling style.

Mission, BC

Richard Ford and Bullseye Performance

I offer private and semi-private lessons in Burnaby, BC and also onsite at various locations throughout the lower mainland.
As well, I offer performance coaching for those who specifically want to improve their performance while competing and I also deal with stress related issues for both dogs and handlers.

I offer agility obstacle training including contact obstacles and agility handling skills for starters, advanced and masters level agility handlers.

In addition, I instruct on shaping behaviour with positive reinforcement and have a Master of Science degree in Behavioural Psychology. I train motivation, drive, attention, focus, generalization, stress management and fear reduction in addition to basic dog agility skills.

Burnaby, BC

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