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SKai my Australian Kelpie was born in Finland Sept 2017 her registered name Tyrris Haave ( Pricey Dream) . She is Kaizen’s granddaughter my 1st beloved Kelpie. I waited 10 yrs for a puppy from Kaizen’s bloodline. He left his semen in Finland 2008 after competing at the FCI Agility Worlds. SKai started competing in Agility in March 2019 earning her 1st AAC  Starter Games Tittle in April.  She competed in her 1st CKC Herding trial in May 2019 earning her Herding Tested Tittle with 3 /3 qualifying runs. Below is a pic of SKai at 7 weeks , 17 months, UKI agility trial and CKC herding test.


Lexi is a terrier mix rescued from a local shelter at 3 months old. She is my 6th agility dog.  Lexi started competing in Agility at 18 months as she turned 2 moved to all Masters level. She is a very good agility dog. Lexi earned her ATCHC at 2 yrs and Silver Award of Merit at 4 yrs.


Lexi AndMe


Revel is my 5th agility dog a 1 yr old min pin from Little Paws Rescue taking him home on Nov 21st 2012. I have been training him in agility since the spring of 2013.

Revel earned his ATCHC at 4 yrs after starting to compete in AAC agility at 2 yrs old. Revel received his Silver Award of Merit at 6 yrs and retired from competition in 2017.




Pandora is a Belgian Malinios my 4th Agility competition dog she was born in Jan 2010. Pan is a cousin to Raya who retired in 2010 National in Spruce Meadows Alberta. Pan has been a handful since the moment I brought her home at 7 weeks. She has high drive with an independent personality which makes training for her agility challenging and rewarding at the same time. She has just started to compete this year with her 1st full trial at the Summer Cliffhanger trial. Pandora has the drive, speed and ability to do well in the sport of agility. The question is do I have the patience and strength to handle this exceptional Malinios to her full potential.

Pan Weaves

Aug 2011 Ray BDay and Pan (Large)

Kaizen (May 28th 2003 -Oct 26th 2016)

Kaizen (Terri’s Mate), was an Australian Kelpie which I brought in from a breeder in Ontario when he was six months old. I got Kai after discussing his traits with his Breeder Terri, and decided that he would fit into my family; and that he did. Kai had drive, was very trainable and loved Agility! Kai was an intact male with very good working lines and fathered a few pups of his own.

Kaizen represented Canada on the Canadian Agility team in Norway 2007 and Finland 2008 at the FCI Agility World`s competition. He came in 1st in the 22 in class at the BC Regional in 2009 and 5th at 2010 Nationals` in Spruce Meadows Alberta. He place 6th at the 2012 Regional although with 4 of out 6 clean runs with 3 x 1st and 1 x 2nd place in a very competitive class. Kaizen placed 19th at the 2012 National but had 3rd and 5th place in individual runs. Kaizen turned 9 yrs old in May 2012 so that was his last National in the 22 in open class. He moved into 16 in veteran class and his speed through the course was hard to beat even by the younger up and coming dogs. Kaizen sired his 1st litter of 6 puppies (3 males and 3 females) in Dec 2011 in Finland via frozen semen left when he competed in Finland 2008. They are excelling in herding, agility and obedience and also very social with excellent structure and workability. He has been my best overall competition and companion dog, easy to handle around the house and in the agility ring.

Kaizen Weaves

2010 National Spruce meadows Kai 5th (Large)

Ray4th-Kai1st 2009 BCYR (Large)

Kaizen BW

Kaizen 2009 BCYR Champ





Wendy with Raya and Kai (Large)

Raya (December 15th 1998 to August 9th 2013)

Wendy’s second agility dog, Raya, a Belgian Malinois was very fast, focused, and fearless. Wendy picked Raya from a litter of eleven puppies for her second agility dog Raya had everything Wendy wanted and more. Raya was very challenging to run but taught Wendy so much about agility and herself. Raya and Wendy competed at the 2004 FCI Agility World Championship in Italy, and the 2005 FCI World Championship in Spain.

Wendy feels very lucky to have had such a great dog to work with everyday to improve her handling skills and give Raya the handler she deserves. Raya never gave up and always gave 110%. She had a Heart of Gold.

She has been a one of the fastest agility dogs in Canada for many years with the Canadian Weave pole record also one of the top Gambling dogs with the speed to gather point and ability to work a great distances. She placed 1st at the BC Regional in 2007 and 4th at the 2009 National`s in Ontario. Raya also placed 1st overall in the 2009 National Steeplechase qualifiers with the 2nd and 3rd fastest times of all 550 dogs entered. Raya placed 6th at the BC Regional 2010 also individual 1st and 2nd place in the 2010 National in her Gamble runs. Raya retired at the 2010 National at Spruce Meadows a few months from her 12th Birthday. I competed with Raya at the 1st BC Regional 2001 but ran her in a warm up game only at the 2001 National at Spruce Meadows so retiring her at Spruce Meadows seemed fitting. Raya was thrilling to run putting 110% into everything she did inside and outside the ring. Ray-a-light taught me so much over the years …Dragon`s Fire, her registered name matched her fiery passion for life. The dog walk pic taken by JL at the Aug 2009 and weave in Steeplechase finals National in 2009.

Sadly, Raya crossed the Rainbow Bridge August 9th 2013.

Raya 6th Place 2010 BCYR

Raya Dog Walk

Raya Weaves




Zeus (1993-2003)

Wendy joined the Cliffhangers and started training agility 1995 with her Belgium Groenedael, Zeus.

Zeus had many great accomplishments in his agility career; he was the 7th dog in Canada to earn an AAC ATCh title, he was awarded the BC Cup in 1997 and placed #2 overall dog in Canada. In 2001 Zeus placed 2nd at the 2001 BC/Yukon Regional Championships and 4th place at the first ever AAC National Championship at Spruce Meadows in Calgary. Zeus came back the following year to take 1st place at the 2002 Regional Championships before he retired from agility.


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