Tracey Mallinson and Chris Elias’ Dogs

Tracey Mallinson – Agility Competitor since 1997. I love this sport for the teamwork, the friendships, and enjoying time with my dogs. I am an agility judge for UKI and AAC. I started agility training in 1996 with my toy poodle Barney. I trained and competed with my Miniature poodle Acer Spades from 1999 – 2010.

Christopher Elias – Started as a spectator and agility sherpa. I have been competing in agility since 2008. (Editor’s note; Agility Sherpa is otherwise known as an “ASS” – “Agility Spousal Support” – and yes my main bartender is no longer solely an ASS!) 🙂

Chris Elias with Jack Sparrow and Tracey with William Wallace


Jack Sparrow born 2009, Chris Elias, Tracey Mallinson, William Wallace born 2009.

Abies Nigra born 2002, Tracey Mallinson


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